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Russian Su-34 Strike Fighter Shot Down Over Ukraine: Are High Risk Air Missions a Desperate Way to Buy Time?

Ukrainian air defences near Lyman have neutralised a Russian Su-34 strike fighter, with photos confirming that the aircraft from the from the 21st Air Division based in Shagol Airfield in the Chelyabinsk region serial number RF-81852 was destroyed. The Su-34 became operational in the Russian Air

Former CIA Chief Petraeus Says Russia is Losing Badly, NATO Would ‘Take Out’ its Forces if Nuclear Weapons Used

Former CIA Director and U.S. Army General David Petraeus predicted on October 2 that Washington would lead a NATO response with overwhelming force to any use of nuclear weapons by Russia in Ukraine, destroying all Russian assets and bases in the region. “We would respond by leading a NATO, a

As Economy Crashes Germany Sends Fighter Jets to East China Sea, Missiles to Ukraine and MPs to Taiwan

Germany has increasingly emerged in 2022 as a country willing to more assertively pursue Western Bloc security interests overseas, with the government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz having recently escalated Berlin’s foreign policy turn away from the Angela Merkel era  engagement with China and conflict

Russia’s Early Plans for the Su-57: Over 100 Operational By 2022, New Variants and Exports to South Korea, Iran and India

Russia’s Su-57 fifth generation fighter program has become a prominent symbol of delays and a struggle to move past Soviet era designs in the country’s military aviation sector, with the country expected to field its first squadron of the aircraft only in 2023 while only six airframes have been

U.S. Sees Attacks on Russian Nord Stream Pipelines as ‘Tremendous Opportunity’: State Secretary Blinken

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters on September 30 that the sabotage of Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines were seen in Washington as a “tremendous opportunity” to reduce European energy imports from Russia. This follows years of calls by the U.S. under multiple administrations to

Seven Years Since Russia’s Military Intervention to Thwart NATO in Syria: A Very Different War to Ukraine

September 30 2022 marks seven years since the beginning of Russian military operations in Syria, with the country’s involvement widely credited with turning the tide of the war and thereby transforming the balance of power in the Middle East. Drawing several stark contrasts to the current Russian

This Strike Fighter Would Have Been Perfect for War in Ukraine: Why Russia Doesn’t Have Any SEAD Foxbats Left

Since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian War in February 24 Russia’s air defence suppression efforts have been widely criticised as somewhat underwhelming, with Ukraine’s network built up primarily around Soviet-built S-300 variants and supplemented by low altitude handheld launchers such as the

Avoiding an Aleppo Scenario: This is Why Germany and America Won’t Send Leopard II or Abrams Tanks to Ukraine

Since shortly after the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian War in February widespread calls began to emerge in the West to supply the Ukrainian Army and possibly Kiev-aligned militias and contractors with Western main battle tanks to enhance their armoured warfare capabilities. Ukraine has since

British Defence Source Highlights Why UK Will Try to Stop an Argentine JF-17 Fighter Purchase – But May Allow F-16s Instead

The Argentine Air Force has for over a decade been considering a range of options to modernise its fighter fleet, with no major acquisitions having been made since the Falklands War in the 1980s leaving its fleet of combat jets in a poor position today even by regional standards. While sixth