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Russian Air Defences Break Range Record in Combat: First Kill For the Famed 400km Range 40N6 Missile?

In response to air strikes by Ukrainian Air Force fighters on targets in Russia’s Belgorod region, air defence systems deployed to defend the area have reportedly broken a world record for the longest ranged surface to air kills. A Ukrainian Su-27 and Su-24 aircraft, which are thought to be some of

Ukraine’s Su-27s Are Still in the Fight: Flanker with American Rockets Just Went Head to Head with S-300V4 in Russian Airspace

Months after the Ukrainian Air Force’s fleet of Su-27 Flanker fighters were first presumed grounded, one of the aircraft integrating newly supplied American AGM-88 rockets reportedly led strikes on Russia’s Belgorod region where it was engaged by local air defence systems. The Su-27 is the most

A Second J-20 vs. F-35 Fifth Gen. Fighter Encounter? Chinese Stealth Fighters Drive Away Foreign Jets Over East China Sea

Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force J-20 fifth generation fighters encountered, intercepted and drove away unknown fighter jets during combat patrols over the East China Sea, according to reports released on October 13. Although the class of foreign aircraft encountered was not

Russia’s Iskander Tactical Missile Outdone By Its North Korean ‘Cousin’ the KN-23: Defence Scholar A. B. Abrams

Although the world’s first ballistic missiles developed by Nazi Germany were employed largely for strategic bombardments of enemy cities, during the Cold War as precision improved drastically the use of such weapons for tactical purposes became increasingly viable. Following the end of the conflict

North Korea’s New Nuclear-Tipped Cruise Missile Makes Any U.S. Invasion Much Harder: Bases Across Japan in Range

North Korea has successfully test launched a new class of nuclear capable precision guided cruise missile, which was referred to by the state run Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) as an asset that would “enhance the combat efficiency and might” for the military’s “operation of tactical nukes.” 

Building a Mechanised Corps for the Donbas: Why Russia is Modernising its T-62 Tanks For Re-Commissioning

The Russian defence corporation Uralvagonzavod has begun a major modernisation program for Soviet era T-62 tanks, which although out of service for well over a decade could see several hundred made operational with 21st century level sensors and armour protection. The T-62 first entered service in

China’s Semi-Autonomous Next Gen. Tank Needs Just Half the Crew of its Western Rivals – Unveiling Imminent

On October 9 Chinese state media outlet CCTV teased the unveiling of a never before seen fourth generation battle tank, one which integrates a range of unprecedented new capabilities that could ensure a comfortable Chinese lead in armoured warfare. The vehicle is expected to be unveiled imminently. Although little is known about the new vehicle,

German Military’s Arsenal Wouldn’t Last 48 Hours in a Major War – Quantitative and Qualitative Deficiencies Both Severe

A recent report by German Parliament defence commissioner Eva Hoegl has revealed that the munitions of Germany’s armed forces are wholly insufficient to sustain even a limited conflict, with the country expected to run out of armaments after just 48 hours of sustained fighting should a major war